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Epoxy flooring provides a durable, hardwearing surface suitable for all industrial uses. It's a high-quality finish that will provide decades of protection. It's acid and bacteria resistant, cures rapidly and can be applied as a nonslip surface if required.


Easy-to-clean, low-maintenance and cost effective: Epoxy flooring is an economical surface for all industrial areas, particularly heavy-duty areas. Oils and spills are easy to clean up. It has lower maintence costs then other flooring options (such as concrete, vinyl or tiles) and it will keep looking good long after other types of flooring show serious wear. 


Aesthetic: Seamless epoxy flooring is an affordable way to rejuvenate and modernise a dull concrete surface in need of a stylish upgrade. With a large range of colours epoxy flooring is a highly attractive finish that gives tired, cracked concrete surfaces a modern, fresh look. We can also apply line marking and logos, making the floor a highly decorative, aesthetic feature.


Functional and durable: Epoxy flooring is ideal for situations where everyday activity is tough on floors. Oils, solvents, fats, acids, chemicals and blood can quickly eat away unprotected concrete, making a tough, durable covering essential. And in high-traffic industrial environments, epoxy flooring protects againts foot traffic and forklifts, and it has a high level of impact resistance so dropped tools dont't chip or damage the floor. The epoxy resin also includes stabilisers and UV absorbers to slow the effects of direct sunlight.


Hygienic: Many industrial flooring surfaces, like concrete, are porous and attract dirt, dust and grease. Epoxy coating seals the floor, creating a nonporous surface that fluids and bacteria can't penetrate. It's a hygienic and easy-to-clean surface, particularly important for industrial food handling and processing facilities. We can also add a antimicrobial agent to the epoxy flooring mix, to minimise microorganisms growing on the surface.



Safe: Whether you need an anti-slip floor, colouredareas, line marking, walkways, no access or loading zones or other signage, epoxy flooring provides a variety of ways to improve health and safety in the workplace.



Compliant with standards and legislation: Compliance with food safety, therapeutic goods and biosecurity standards is a must for the pharmaceutical, mechanical, food and beverage processing, hospitality, warehousing and other industries. Our industrial epoxy flooring solutions meet the highest accreditation and audit standards set by national, state and territory regulators.


Careful preparation and professional application: As with all flooring surfaces, the secret to a high-quality finish is careful preparation and professional application. Qepoxy takes the time to prepare a clean, sound substrate suitable for taking the epoxy resin. We use only the highest quality materials from around the world. We have leading-edge equipment, skills and experience to install the flooring surface promptly and with minimum downtime and disruption to your operations.


Contact us for an obligation-free assessment and quote: The friendly, knowledgeable Qepoxy team is waiting to talk with you about your free, onsite assessment and quote. We will tailor a no-obligation solution to suit your particular industrial flooring needs. With a range of epoxy and polyurethane options availabe, we can specify and provide the flooring solution that's best for you. Just submit an online enquiry or call us on 0447 071 047 today. 




Industrial areas we service include:

  • breweries
  • factorys
  • car parks
  • garages
  • laboratories
  • manufacturing spaces
  • sheds
  • showrooms
  • storage areas 
  • warehouses
  • workshops
  • schools
  • daycare and child care centres