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Q. What are the main advantages of Epoxy Flooring options?

A.  Long lasting | aesthetically pleasing |Low maintenance | Will not crack, chip or peel | Customised colours & patterns.


Q. Can you do cover-crete concrete resurfacing over exposed aggregate driveways?

A. Yes we do provide cover-crete concrete resurfacing over exsisting exposed aggregate.


Q. Is Epoxy Flooring easy to clean?

A. Very easy to clean, just with a mop & warm soapy water.


Q. How strong are Epoxy Floors?

A. A properly cured Epoxy system is 10 times stronger than standard concrete – perfect for general residential use and / or     commercial for heavy loads; ie: trucks, forklifts etc.


Q. What is an Epoxy System made of?
A. Epoxy systems are made up of 100% solvent-free Epoxies and non-yellowing Polyurethane sealers. For different looks and textures, additional products can be added to the base system; eg: Flake, Metallic, Self-Level etc.

Q. What Polished Concrete systems do you offer?
A. There are 2 options when it comes to Polished Concrete we specilize in both:
Option 1: Hyper-Floor Polished Concrete; is the highest quality concrete finish, progressively polished up to a high-gloss, smooth durable floor.

Option 2: Grind & Seal Polished Concrete; is the more industrial look of the two, relying on polyurethane to seal the ground surface, giving it the polished look.